‘Rocklines – a geopoetic journey across Minett Unesco Biosphere’ is out now (July 2022)

Co-written with Italian geopoet and writer Davide S. Sapienza, ‘Rocklines’ is a geopoetic travel logue on foot through the Minett Unesco Biosphere, and along the 90km of the Minett Trail, with artwork by graphic designer Isabelle Mattern. The book has been published by Editions Phi with the contribution of Minett Unesco Biosphere/ProSud, Commission luxembourgeoise pour la coopération avec l’UNESCO and Musée national d’histoire naturelle Luxembourg. It is available, in English or French language, in all bookstores in Luxembourg and online on www.phi.lu.

Press review:

L’essentiel (Jérôme Wiss):

Delano Magazine:

Published by Robert Weis

I work as a natural scientist and nature is also at the core of my writing. I practice the geopoetical way of writing non-fiction and poetry. In 2022 I published, together with my friend and Italian geopoet Davide S. Sapienza the travelogue "Rocklines - a geopoetic journey across Minett Unesco Biosphere" (Editions Phi, Luxembourg). I am a regular contributor to Luxembourgish travel magazine Diariesof and Japan-based Kyoto Journal.

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