In this section you will find links to places and people which are connected, in some way or another, with the route to Kyoto. See you on the road or let’s have a cup of tea together.

Books on Asia. Amy Chavez’s website is a valuable resource about literature on and from Asia, with a focus on Japan. Long-time collaborator of the Japan Times, you will find also several of her columns.

Writers in Kyoto. English-language authors from the old capital. You will find contributions, travel stories, book reviews, and much more, as well as their annual Writer’s contest.

Kyoto Journal. Award-winning, quarterly magazine founded in Kyoto, Japan, presenting cultural and historical insights from all of Asia since 1987.

White Enso. A new online magazine about Japanese culture , poetry and arts, run by Linda Gould.

Diaries Of. Born out of the passion of Luxembourg-based Anabela & Jorge, this magazine is a true traveler’s treat.

Oak Bistro. The best vegan lunch bistrot in Luxembourg-City, run by Fabrizio, a Japanophile.

Photo by Robert Weis. All rights reserved

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